These terms and conditions define the methods of sale between MATT CHEM® and the User, the order of products, including the payment and the delivery on the ranges Matt Chem® Marine, Matt Chem®Car, Matt Chem® Bike, Matt Chem® Loisirs . The MATT CHEM INDUSTRY range is not sold on our web site. We advise you to look at  the nearest retailer on the map. 

They settle all the stages necessary for the signing of the order and insure the follow-up of this order between the contracting parties. 

The acquisition of a product through the present Web Site involves an unconditional acceptance by the user of the present terms of sale. MATT CHEM® saves itself the possibility of modifying at any time its terms of sale. 


The present conditions are concluded between, on one hand, the MATT CHEM PRODUCT® SAS company, with a share capital of 69000 euros, registered in the RCS of Nanterre 327 236 584, 37, rue de Fontenay 92220 Bagneux France (this later called "MATT CHEM®") and, on the other hand, the people wishing to place an order via the web site / and its various directory trees, below called "the user".

The shipping of orders can be made only in France.

The parts suit that their relations will be exclusively subject to the present on-line general terms of sale, with the exception of any condition beforehand available on the Site.

If a condition is found to be lacking, it would be governed by the procedures in force in the area of distance selling companies which have headquarters in France.

The User declares to have acquainted with the following terms before placing its order. By choosing to buy products via the web site, the User accepts expressly and irrevocably the below expressed terms.

The User declares to have the capacity to conclude the present contract, that is have the legal majority and not be under guardianship. 


MATT CHEM® proposes in the sale on the Site only the ranges Matt Chem® Car and Matt Chem® Bike.

Descriptions, photos and possible technical data presenting products, shown on the site, do not enter in the contractual field. They are only a presentation of the sold products. So errors were introduced there, to in no case, the responsibility for MATT CHEM® could not be committed.

If errors got there, on no account MATT CHEM®'s responsibility can be committed. Only products sold enter in the contractual field.

The characteristics of sold products can be modified within the updates framework and regulations in force.


The User has the opportunity of placing his order on-line. The order can be only registered on the Site if the User clearly became identified.

In order to allow the User to reconsider his/her order before confirming it, MATT CHEM® created a system of validation of order in several stages allowing the User to check that the ordered products and the coordinates entered are in accordance. Also, the User gives his agreement to the present general terms of sale.

At the end of these stages, MATT CHEM® will communicate by e-mail a confirmation of the registered order.

The order will remain firm at the reception by the User of MATT CHEM® 's e-mail confirming the definitive recording of the order. This confirmation is the date of contract of sale and the User acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

For the statement of the useful proofs, MATT CHEM® will keep the complete coordinates of the User.

The on-line provision of a credit card number and the order's final validation will constitute proof of the whole order in accordance with the provisions of the law n°2000-230 of March 13th, 2000 adapting the law of evidence to information technology and electronic signature and is worth payability of the amount involved in the order.

This confirmation signature and express acceptance of all operations at the site


Prices indicated on data sheets products are expressed in euros inclusive of all taxes. Prices indicated on data sheets products do not include the delivery cost.

They may be modified at any time. They take into account the applicable VAT at the day of the order. Any change of the applicable rate can be echoed on prices of products. The price is expressed in euros.

The price indicated in the confirmation of order is the definitive price, expressed inclusive of all taxes and including the VAT. This price includes the price of products and the transport costs.


According to the concerned products, the User can settle his on-line purchases with order by credit card (CB, VISA, MASTERCARD) or by bank check. MATT CHEM® does not accept the other on-line means of payment.

For the on-line secure payment MATT CHEM® implements operates all the ways to insure the confidentiality and the safety of the data transmitted on Web. As such, the web site uses several secure modules of typical payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the transmitted information is coded by a software and so that no third party can acquaint with it during the transport on the network.

The price is payable in euros and due with order.

The account of the User will be sold, only during the validation of the order, of the amount of the bought products


Any settlement delay of the invoice or the failure in the credit of the bank account used by the User to acquit the price of the order causes, by rights and without formal demand, the application of a late penalty at the rate of three times the legal interest rate. This penalty, calculated on the entire sums remaining due, begins from the day following the due date until the day of the payment of all of the sums.

Furthermore, when the User is a professional, a fixed 40-euros compensation will be required for collection penalties from the first day of delay payment.


Once registered, the order is delivered to the address which was indicated by the User.

MATT CHEM® undertakes to deliver the products ordered as quickly as possible. The deliveries are made by parcel box (colissimo) only in metropolitan France and Corsica.

The observed average deadlines are from 5 to 8 working days for a home delivery. The delivery deadlines are given only for information purposes; if these exceed thirty days as from the order, the sale contract can be cancelled and the paid off User.

For the delivery process, MATT CHEM® cannot be held responsible for the loss or the theft of the parcel. The risks are chargeable to the User as from the moment when products left the premises of shipping. In case of damage during the transport, the motivated protest must be sent to the carrier within three days (for information purposes) as from the delivery.

For the follow-up of the order, the User can consult his box email, an e-mail being automatically sent to him/her at every stage of f the treatment of his/her order, or to consult his user account, in the section " my account " and to follow the same indications. The User can also contact directly MATT CHEM® to the coordinates indicated in the section "contact".

Non-corresponding order: any non-corresponding order, to exchange or to pay off, must have returned to MATT CHEM® in its original packing, and accompanied, where necessary, of the delivery slip, at the following address: MATT CHEM® 37, rue de Fontenay 92220 Bagneux.

In reception, MATT CHEM® examines the order and its non-compliance in the order form. If the non-corresponding character is confirmed by MATT CHEM®, the User is either paid off the corresponding sums in prices of products bought by him/her, or compensated by the exchange of the non-corresponding products within thirty days.

The expenses of return and dismissal of an exchange are chargeable to MATT CHEM® if the non-compliance is the consequence of an error emanating from MATT CHEM®


Users, if they are not professional physical persons, benefit from a cooling-off period of seven days as from the delivery of their order to return the product for MATT CHEM® for exchange or refund without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return. When the deadline expires one Saturday, on Sunday, or holiday or non-work day, the deadline is extended until the next first working day.

The right to withdraw cannot be exercised when the product was used with the express agreement of the user, less than 7 days after the purchase by the User via the Web site.

The User informs MATT CHEM® about the exercise of his right to withdraw by every possible means and make as soon as possible the return of its order. Upon receipt of the returned order, the User is paid off for a maximal deadline of thirty days according to the date in which he exercised his right to withdraw.


MATT CHEM®’s obligations relating to the stages and features of the site are strictly a matter of exercising due care. MATT CHEM® deny any liability for any inconvenience or damages due to using Internet, namely in the event of an interruption of the system, such as a breach in service, outside intrusion or the presence of a computer virus, or for any event deemed to fall under force majeure, as recognised by law.

Products proposed on the Site are described and presented with the biggest accuracy. If in spite of all these precautions, errors were produced, MATT CHEM® could not be held liable for those facts.  


The information which are requested by  MATT CHEM® to the User is necessary for the treatment of his/her order

So, MATT CHEM® reserves the right to collect data on the User, in particular by the use of cookies. The Internet user has the possibility of refusing these cookies by activating this option on his browser, or to delete them knowing that the use of the site can be there limited.

Subject to the express agreement of the User, MATT CHEM® can use his/her personal data in order to better inform him/her about sales offers by MATT CHEM® or on any operation bound to quizzes in particular.

MATT CHEM® makes a commitment not to transmit for commercial purposes the identity and the coordinates of the Users to a third party.

The User is informed that he/she can choose at any time not to receive any more commercial messages by deactivating the compartment corresponding to the section " My preferences " in his profile.

In accordance with the French data protection legislation of 6 January 1978 ("Informatique et Libertés", Art. 27) as amended by the law of 6 August 2004, users are informed that he/she has a right of access and rectification concerning the data concerning him/her by writing to:

MATT CHEM® 37, rue de Fontenay 92220 Bagneux France

The electronic processing of your personal data has been declared to the CNIL under the number 1740369 v 0.


The particular conditions and the general conditions of sales are interpreted according to the French law.

If the dispute cannot be resolved out of court, it will be referred to the Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce) of Nanterre.

Update of JULY 2017