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Since 1983, MATT CHEM® has been a creator of maintenance products and concepts for industrial and marine applications. Specialities and solutions proposed by MATT CHEM® are in conformity to the legal requirements, notably the EEC regulatory requirements in respect of biodegradability and eco-toxicity which requires rigorous selection of the raw materials. MATT CHEM® is concerned about the future impact of its products on the environment and as such in minimising any effect on fauna and flora and equally relating to the provision of essential information to its end-users to ensure that they observe recommended doses, conditions of use and application both for the protection of users and of nature.

Because of this, MATT CHEM® does not follow the current exclusive marketing and advertising “mode” which is based on "headline claims" such as 100% ecological, 100% environmental, 100% green, 100% natural…Indeed, reading such slogans can result in the consumer reaching erroneous conclusions. 

It is very important to express such affirmations in a more subtle manner, which does not lead to confusion !

For example, the indication 100% biodegradable never specifies whether it relates solely to: 100% of the formula or only 100% of the surface active agents. Another example, the indication 100% natural can lead to confusion. One needs to know whether the raw materials used in the composition of certain products with an “eco-label” are mineral oil-based or not. By contrast, surface active agents of vegetable origin may have been chemically transformed.

Once again, the 100% natural label misleads the consumer. 

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